My Alteryx Macros: Save Files with Timestamps

Last month I posted about downloading Alteryx macros I’ve made from Github. Here I’m going to walk you through my first set: Save Files with Timestamps. These macros allow you to save CSVs, TDEs and YXDBs with timestamps appended on the end and if you want to get into them can be edited to work on other file types too.

I use these a lot when when developing workflows and what to test different output structures or occasionally when I have scheduled workflows where I want to keep track of daily outputs separately.

Each macro follows a similar structure of asking for your file name stem, whether you want to append the date & time or just the date and where you want to save the file.

This is the YXDB output macro and has the simplest base structure.

The CSV output macro asks what file delimiter you want to use.

While the TDE output tool has the dropdown menu for Create New, Append or Overwrite.

The DateTime or Date only dropdown has options like this and appends timestamps in yyyy-mm-dd_hh-mm-ss or yyyy-mm-dd formats respectively.

As shown here:

If these look useful to you, go ahead and download them here!


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